Shuon-an Ikkyuji 2018,11,16 (fri)-25(sun)
OPEN HOUR / 10:00-16:30 (L.O.16:00)

This year, Shuon-an Ikkyuji temple was selected for JR Tokai's annual campaign “そうだKYOTO、行こう.” (“Kyoto, let’s go!”)
Taking root in a meeting with the vice abbot of Ikkyuji, and evolving through talk and friendship, our imagination could manifest into reality.


Being free from a fixed concept, we'd like to propose you how to stay at a temple
where people and things intersect.

"Go slow, go slow.
Take a break, take a break. "

Why not have a cup of coffee?
Close your eyes, then let's go for a brief journey! Feel the ZEN.


CANVAS TOKYO will visit Kyoto in this autumn leaves season and create a new idea about how to stay at a temple, in an enjoyable way for all - young and old, male, female and other - in association with Kyoto-based craftsmen.

To represent these ideas, we’ve made two logo, CANVAS's white-based maple leaf as well as a red maple leaf.
These motifs express cross-over themes, of the Japanese national flag and the beautiful Japanese autumn.
It is these two themes that are also expressed by "TO KYOTO". (KYOTO-TOKYO)

From November 16th to 25th, Ikkyuji's original blended coffee and caffe latte, and a hand-made matcha latte, will be served, together with CANVAS TOKYO's original Japanese sweets.
Even more, when turning the sleeve of the CANVAS TO KYOTO's original mug, a fortune slip will appear. On the slip of paper, you will find a proverb by priest Ikkyu.

We hope you enjoy the CANVAS TO KYOTO's event, along with the beautiful autumn leaves.